Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sagittarius (probably not as great as you hoped, Emma)


Observe the carbon copy.

(Garfield Comic Strips, October 23rd 1989-October 28, 1989)

One dull Hallow's Eve, comic Jim Davis overstepped his three-panel's worth of creative liberty by mocking the transcendent beauty of existentialist mini film Allegro Non Troppo: Valse Triste. Davis claimed that the basis of this was to expose the greatest fear of all: dying alone.

He continued to say he never had seen Valse Triste.

(side note: With this insert, it can be assumed that Garfield is dead, and all comics following October 1989 are Garfield's hallucinations.)

You, Sagittarius, are the famished, lemon-eyed cat. Your unsurpassed creativity attracts carbon copies. Garfields, if you will. These rotund, lurking striped cats leisurely absorb your thoughts and inventions, and then whimsically apply said creations to themselves. Today, and from this blink forward, Saggitarius, you must stop this insanity. Don't remove yourself, just distance the thieves. It is your mind to share! Not someone else's to take.


Chain said...

To destroy his own creation...

It's almost beautiful, if not creepy.


emma said...