Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Redeemable: 1 Secret

There was a high squeal as I stared at the yellow corduroy coat. The hum of the projector minimalized the squeal, but it was still a presence. A Frenchman with a long nose teetered to a map of the solar system. He explained why Pluto wasn't a planet any more in a tone that made it sound like he was to blame for its banishment. All I could think about was how, perhaps, there are billions of solar systems in his yellow jacket, hanging blissfully beside me.

It smelled like clean honeydews.

"Whell, eet seems we are out uv time," said the professor, in his syrupy accent. I walked out, almost unaware of my legs moving semi-swiftly beneath me.

Onward, ho.


emma said...

yellow's my... um... favorite...

Josh said...

Hey angel, forgot my phone at work, gimme a call on the home phone please ^^

emma said...

china: and i was thinking to myself "i'm not sure if it's okay to have a crush on this professor because he's like fourty three" but i think i do anyways, is that bad?
me: no, i don't think so. i have a crush on jeff and ryan's dad. he's like fourty five.
china: yeah. well and he has this yellow cordouroy jacket, and i'm thinking "maybe this is emma's soulmate, i'm not sure"
me: yeah, probably is!