Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hey Josh please do me a favor and copy/paste this post and print it for me... I need it to move in.

Certification of Completion

Thank you for completing the Wildcat Safety course. Print this form, complete the information below, and submit this form to the hall staff when you check-in to your residence hall.

Your personal password is FW101_F2007.

Name ___________________________________________________________

Student ID # ______________________________________________________

Building _________________________ Room ___________________________

This certificate verifies that the resident listed above has successfully completed the Wildcat Safety course and may be admitted into his/her residence hall on move-in day.

The resident acknowledges that he/she is responsible for knowing and abiding by the University policies described in the course and may face disciplinary action is found responsible for any violations of University policy.


Josh said...


Look who you share a birthday with :-)

emma said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday, mr. president
happy birthday to you

not as good as marilyn, but i'm taking my chances. and fuck at&t for disconnecting me when i tried to call you oh, i don't know, a fucking billion times.

happy birthday is what i'm trying to say. i love you like i love bob dylan, except not that much.